Sanshow Collectibles 1 / 6th Scale "Big Trouble in Little China" Jack Burton 12-inch Collector Figure

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"Treasure, I never go faster than I can see In the reflections "

Played by Kurt Russell in the cult classic film Big Trouble in Little China, Jack Burton is a fast-talking truck driver who spends his days and nights traveling the highways and scolding him Cool guy mantras in his CB radio while hauling pigs in his big rig – The Porkchop Express.

But after winning a bet on his buddy Wang Chi, and against the merciless street bands, the lords of death, this witless (but somehow charming) Lunkhead is found in a shadowy underworld of impotent captured acts, ancient spirits , Immortal villains and mystical forces.

With a team of wizards and warriors and with little more than his trusting knife and a winning smile, Jack is ready to save (19459002)

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] Click on it for larger and better view. [Image] Special features: A detailed resemblance of Kurt Russell As Jack Burton |.

Sideshow Collectibles "Big Trouble in Little China" Fabric costume, including Jack's iconic printed tank top, jeans jacket and jeans One (1) pair of shaped boots Three (3) sets of interchangeable hands, including: One (1) Pair of fists, One (1) Pair of relaxed hands, One (1) right hand for holding the gun, One (1) left hand for holding knife Machine gun Knife | Detailed Guardian Accompanying Accessories with Floating Support Arm