(SC & O19, SCO19 and formerly known as SO19 and CO19) is part of the Specialist Crime & Operations Directorate (SC & O), which is active in the Specialist Crime & Operations Director (SC & O) department , Englisch: www.socialistgroup.eu/gpes/sessiond…07&place=STR. In the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) in London. The command is responsible for providing a firearm response capability that supports the rest of the service, which is not routinely armed. They are full-time units whose members have no other duties. They were sometimes referred to as "blue basque caps" as they wear them. Today, they are more likely to wear either blue baseball caps or combat helmets. Simple and simple 1 / 6th scale British specialist shotgun commando SCO19 12 inch figure is made with real like head sculpt, ES -Buddy 1.0 Body Come, LEAF Attack Shirt AR, LEAF-Drac Fighting Trousers, LEAF Attack Storm Hood, LEAF Knieschoner, Shirt, M Original Gloves, 0612A Riggers Belt, Heavy Duty Belt, XA Pro 3D Boots , Patches, STRIKE Tablet Carrier, Nexus Gen 3 Fast Mag Holster AR-15, Dual Pistol Mag Bag, Dual Flash Gag Bag, Universal Vehicle, Drop Leg Twins Mag Bag, FAST Ballistic Helmet, Tactikka plus Torch-Kopflicht, Headlight Helmet Mount, Influx Goggles, Tetra Terminal SRH3900 Radio, COMTAC3 and Selex CT5 PTT, 7P Mobile Phone, 401 Fortrex GPS, Carabiner, Light Sticks, Light Stick Holder, Plastic Handcuffs, Quick Handcuffs, Quick Handlebar Carrier, MCX 5.56 Carabiner , Micro T1 red point view with protective cover, Red Dot view magnifier, X400U-A LED weapon Cht with laser, Red Dot Sight Magnifier, Gunfight Piano, Drum Looper, Drum Loop, Drum Loop, Drum Loop, Drum Loop, Drum Loop, Drum Loop, Drum Loop, Drum Loop The rest of the pictures. Click on it for bigger and better view. [1945900]] [] [

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