Sideshow presents 1 / 6. scale Marvel Comics Matt Murdock Daredevil 12-inch collector figure

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Sideshow presents her interpretation of one of our most popular Marvel Comics characters. The devil of the hell kitchen! Frowned by a mysterious radioactive substance, Matt Murdock discovered that his remaining senses were elevated to superhuman levels.

Sideshow inspired the figure from the classic comic Daredevil, dressed from head to toe in red with crooked cowl and twin "D" logo on his chest, and then added design motifs from his relatively short-lived armored chain

The goal from the beginning was to create an original design that homage to the Daredevil we know and love from the comic books, while bringing one New twist to create a classic character.

This quickly became a passion project for Sideshow team, and they took advantage of every opportunity to add additional "Easter eggs" and symbolism to the design of his customized fabric Leather effect costume.

Sideshow Artist, Walter O & Neil said, "Since Matt Murdock's faith is very much in the heart of who he is, we wanted to try to integrate some elements of his religion into the suit in a very subtle way "For example, the collar of his suit has a square neckline in the center to give the impression of an inverted priest collar."

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"Inspired by the knieschons of the 90s suit, we created metallic, block-shaped design elements with an implicit cross which we then in the whole suit The thought that we will permanently integrate some of the wrought-iron elements of the church cathedrals, which we usually associate with the surroundings of Daredevil, into his suit design. "

"Under his feet, another cruciform is formed by the negative space in the tread of his boots. There is also a spade 'Devil's tail' in the design of his Billy Club holster, which continues The sky / hell helps dynamically ".