Soldat Story Hobby Expo China 2017 Exclusive 1 / 6. Scale HONG KONG ASU 12-inch figure

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The airport security unit (abbreviation: ASU, Chinese: 特警 組 組) Squad was established, a special force of the Hong Kong police is assigned with the security of the Hong Kong International Airport. ASU is responsible for the security of the airport, mainly on terrorist situations such as aircraft removal, but in urgent situations, is used as a backup force for situations outside the airport. ASU officers can be identified by their distinctive, deep blue uniforms and are armed with machine guns (SMGs) as well as semi-automatic pistols. Compared to other units, the Airport Security Unit rarely appeared in the mass media, and there is still no film or television dedicated to them. However, the unit was occasionally as part of the films usually the Cantonese action genre.

Soldier's Story Hobby Expo China 2017 Exclusive 1 / 6th scale HONG KONG ASU 12 inch figure will come with: HEADGEAR – ASU Beret Hat, HKSAR Hat Patch, Oakley Sunglasses, Motorola (TEMCO) Bone Wire Ear Muffs. HEADSCULPT – Modern ASU life live head sculpt. BODY – S2.5 BODY (with bendable muscle arms), Bare Hand (1 pair), Bare Feet (1 pair). UNIFORM – ASU navy blue tactic shirt, ASU black T-shirt, ASU navy blue tactikhose, HKSAR police force reflective safety jacket, HKSAR police navy blue jacket, Danner Tactical boots (sewing). TAC TRANSMISSION – ASU ID Card, ID Card Chain, Tactical Belt, Tactical Belt Loop x 4, Admin Bag, Hand / Handcuff Bag, Hand Catcher, OC Spray Holster, Multi-Functional Bag, G-17 9mm Double Magazine Bag, MP-5 9mm Drop Leg Double (Metal), Multi-Tools, Ballpoint pen (red), Ballpoint pen (yellow), Twisted Tactile Holder, Expandable Tactile (Metal), Cable Tie x 2, G., Molle 5.56 double Magazine Bag, Molle 9mm double Magazine Bag, -Schockuhr

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Click on it for larger and larger views. [9] G17 9mm 17rds Magazine x 3, G17 Pistol Safety Lanyard, M3X Tactical Light. This product was added to our catalog on Monday 09 April, 2009 (MP5A3 9mm magazine x 4, HK 3). This product is compatible with: MP5A3 MP5A3 Submachine Gun, MP5A3 Sub Machine Gun, MP5A3 MP5A3 Submachine Gun, MP5 Aimpoint CompM4 Red Dot Vision, Front & Tactic snare, MK-4 OC-Spray (yellow label), MK-4 OC-Spray (green label)