Stanton & Mason x Asmus Toys 1 / 6th scale Jim Carrey The Mask 12-inch figure (deluxe version)

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Stanton & Mason art and design is one of the most iconic comic characters of all time – The Mask, from the feature film in 1994.
The Mask, from the feature film in 1994. In 1945,
The figure stands approximately 12 inches tall, and dressed in his iconic 50 'styled yellow suit, all the patterns on the clothing are custom made to movie accurate. It has also included 5 pairs of different types of hands that can be swapped to several types of poses

Milo, and the dog who saved his master and transformed into a mask, is also included in the set. Milo or Mask Milo by changing the heads.

There is a few other special features that is in the Mask 1: 6 Scale Articulated Figure: One evil smile of the Mask, One ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, One Pair of long yellow blazers, One Pair of long yellow jodhpurs pants and (19459004)
Deluxe Version Additional parts: One Stanley Ipkiss head sculpt, One "impossible" pajamas set, One 1 / 6th male body

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