Tamashii SH Figuarts "Spider-Man: Homecoming" Self-made suit Spider-Man 5.7 "Action figure

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Spider-Man comes home from the enthusiastic summer movie Spider-Man The SHFiguarts series, made by Peter Parker from various scrap materials, becomes the "homemade suit" version of Spider-Man into an action figure, with an interchangeable headboard to make it easier to spot scenes from the movie
"Spider-Man: Homecoming" Home-made suit Spider-Man 5.70 inches (14.50 cm) Highly detailed action figure Product features : Spider-man figure, interchangeable handpieces, interchangeable cap head, interchangeable effect parts set, Tamashii STAGE joint, 2 wall parts (large), 2 wall parts (small), lower parts, base plug parts, Rook parts, wall bracket A, wall support parts B, arm, arm Clip, clipbase, PET effect

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