TBLeague (PHICEN) 1/6 scale Galaxy Soldier 12 inch female action figure Preview Pics

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Many TBLeague (PHICEN) female characters will be featured this week. There was the Spartan Goddess of War 12 inch fantasy female figure preview on my toy blog HERE and the "Youth / 芳华" Art Troupe 12 inch action figure (pictures HERE ). Now we have a Space Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Galaxie type Soldier with a cool helmet, armor and weapons.

TBLeague (PHICEN) PL2017-110 1/6 Scale Galaxy Soldier 12 Inch Female Action Figure Parts List: Head Sculpt, TBLeague Female Seamless Body with Metal Skeleton, 3 Pair of Interchangeable Hands, Helmet, Breastplate, Armouring, Knee armor, calfskin, belt, shoes, cross country pistol, pistol, short T-shirt, shorts, sleeve guards, stockings

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