Toy Power Jinwuzhu 1 / 6. scale Wanyan Zongbi 12-inch deluxe figures set comes with horse

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Wanyan Yongji (died September 11, 1213), was the seventh emperor of the Jurchen-led Jin Dynasty, North China between the 12th and 13th centuries. During the reign of Wanyan Yongji, the Mongols under the leadership of Genghis Khan had attacked the Jin Dynasty

Toy Power Jinwuzhu 1/6 Wanyanzongbi 12 inch deluxe figure set features: golden back cut mountain ax, metal long sword, newly developed head shapes with artificial hair and flower braid, body about 32 cm high, four (4) (8) Arrows, bow-set, quiver, snow hoof fire dragon horse, cortex saddle, set of bridles, pure cotton Pillows, stirrups, set of horse face armor and neck band, hand-stitched Army flag with pyrograph, flagpole, steinflaggenbasis

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