Toy work 1 / 6. Scale Ming Dynasty Jin Yiwei Donnie Yen Imperial bodyguard 12 inch figure

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The Jinyi Wei (simplified Chinese: 锦衣卫, literally "Brokat-Clad Guard") was the secret service of the Ming Emperor, Imperial highest central intelligence agency. Originally, a 500-man organization was founded in 1382 by Emperor Hongwu (Zhu Yuanzhang) to be his personal bodyguards. It was soon entrusted and empowered to observe its officials. In 1385, they took 14,000 and were the eyes and ears of the emperor (Ming Chinese, who called them, central officials eagles and military dogs 鹰犬 鹰犬) urge people above all in political and military. At its height (time of the Zhengde Emperor) the Jinyi Wei had about 200,000 members. They had the power to circumvent and arrest, arrest, and punish judicial procedures, without going through the appropriate process, obeying only by the Emperor's will.

14 Blades is a 2010 wuxia film directed by Daniel Lee, starring Donnie Yen, Zhao Wei, Sammo Hung, Wu Chun, Kate Tsui, Qi Yuwu and Damian Lau. A kung fu thriller set during the Ming Dynasty, focusing on a secretary (Donnie Yen) in the imperial court, betrayed and then chased by his colleagues. After being framed for treason, a legendary royal guard (Donnie Yen) joins a gang of outlaws to save a kingdom. [1] Scale Ming Dynasty Jin Yiwei Imperial Lifeguard 12 inch figure Features: Highly detailed head shape, Wearing black leather-like sash, black leather-like cape, boots, gauntlets. It is the perfect companion for the Donnie Yens parable and comes with rooted hair, approx 32cm tall Muscular body, hands x 3 pairs, wide rim helmet, white shirt, black shell, black pants, black leather-like sash, black leather-like cape, boots, cuffs (19459003)
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