Very hot 1/6 scale "The last" uniform set for 12-inch figure identical with E & S Z.E.R.T. Figur

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Very hot toys started in the 12 inch figure market by making copies of Hot Toys 12 inch military figures. Now they have ventured into another area of ​​the 1st and 6th scale manufacturers by copying what they have previously released, which proves that they are reproducing, replicating, reproducing in this collection market of the 1/6 scale And re-publication of past figures. Their last offer, "The Last" looks a lot like Easy & Simple & # 39; s earlier released 1: 6 scale Z.E.R.T. (19459003) How and HERE

Very hot 1 / 6th scale "The last" uniform set for 12 inch figure Features: Balaclava, Camo Combat Jacket, Camo Combat Pants, Tactical Belt, Red hand gloves, tactical shoes FAST carbon helmet, GPNVG18 & rechargeable battery, radio & headset system, Manta Strobe + V-Lite, black Jumpable Plate Carrier, TACO * 4, Pistol TACO * 5, radio bag, Molle bag, water bag, padded belt , Dump Pouch, Tactical Ax, P226 Pistol, D14.5RS RAHG, Handguard, One Point Rifle Sling, Front Handle, Suppressor, Holographic Sight, Advanced Target Pointer Illuminator Aiming Light, Pistol Light, Dual Pressure Pad Remote Switch

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