THANK YOU ALL!!! Well, the “Elvis1976 & Friends Custom Figure Show” is now over…. 2015-01-13 01:48:29

Well, the “Elvis1976 & Friends Custom Figure Show” is now over. I’m happy to say that I feel that all the anticipation and stress paid off. The show was a success. We had a really great turn-out for our second show and hopefully it’ll be even greater the next time around.
I want to give a big thanks to all those who made the show possible. Without you, this show would not have been possible. First, thanks to all the artists who were not able to physically attend the show and entrusted me with their work. Thanks to Dorgmal Snow for being the first one to send his amazing work back in October and for the constant encouragement when I was feeling the stress. Thanks to Zebraten (Doug Aitchison) for being there when I needed to get things off my chest. Thanks to Elvis1976 (Sebastien Bontemps) for once again awing us with his amazing work. Thanks to Bleau Aquino (Gee Whiz Customs) who made the incredibly long flight from the Philippines to be a part of this event. Thanks to Winson Ma and Jun Ho Kim (Zuno) for their amazing and original work.
I honestly do not think this show would have been as successful if it wasn’t for the involvement of these artists’ amazing work. Thank you all!
Thanks to the great people at The Alchemcial Theatre for providing such a great location and great service. We will be back for our next show!
And finally a big thank you to all who attended this event. My goal was to give the fans an opportunity a chance to get a close-up look at a lot of the work we’ve all been admiring online for a long time and to meet the creator’s behind it. I hope I was able to achieve that.
I hope you all will join us again for our next adventure.
Thank you. 🙂